These Are the 6 Pillars to Building Optimal Team Leadership

Fit Body Boot Camp founder Bedros Keuilian has the "immigrant edge." That's what his videographer told him anyway, over a decade ago when — while coming out of the massive housing market crash — Keuilian could think only of building his then up-and-coming business into a booming nationwide franchise. 

"He goes, 'You've got this mentality that everyone else doesn't: There's an 11% unemployment rate, people don't have jobs, and yet you're talking about growth and prosperity and servitude,'" Keuilian explains.  

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That mentality, the entrepreneur says, is something that was instilled in him when — at six years old — he escaped from the Soviet Union and came to the United States, where he lived in Section 8 housing, ate out of dumpsters, and struggled just learn English. 

In other words, leadership wasn't a factory-installed quality of Keuilian's from birth. Instead, the Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life) author learned how to manage people, his passive aggression, and a clear vision for the future as he went. 

"Just because you don't have it factory installed, doesn't mean you can't earn it and learn it," Spartan CEO Joe De Sena says.  

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On this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast, Keuilian and De Sena agree that building a business in the real world requires figuratively eating a lot of shit. Plus, they discuss the six necessary pillars toward building a leadership style that will get you through those seemingly impossible, shit-eating times. 

The 6 Pillars of Leadership, According to Bedros Keuilian

1. Don't be a hypocrite; Lead from the front.

2. Show up early.

3. Be prepared and clear in what you want.

4. Be relentlessly focused.

5. Drive change.

6. Exceed expectations.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below. 

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