If You're Unhappy With Your Life's Story, Here's How to Rewrite It.

The beginning of your life's story has already been written, sure, but the end is up to you.

If you feel like your current reality in life is not what you had planned (and certainly not where you want to be), this CLASSIC episode of the Spartan Up! podcast is for you. Guests Frank Ferrante, Jeff Gomez, and JR Martinez have all had their own experiences coming back from struggles and rewriting their stories, and what they have to say will help you rewrite yours.

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“I want to be that old man on the rocking chair... and not asking 'What if? What if? what if?'" Martinez says. "I want to be the guy that said, 'I tried it. I didn't probably complete it, but at least I gave it a shot,' you know? And that's what matters more than anything. You have to ask yourself: Whatever you're unhappy about, is this what you want your life to become?”

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below to figure out how to be happier in life by simply writing your own script every day. 

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