The Official 30-Day Unbreakable Training Plan to Prep You for ANY Event

The Official 30-Day Unbreakable Training Plan to Prep You for ANY Event

Your official guide to being ready for anything from the Spartan Coaches and the Spartan Training Division.

It doesn’t matter if you’re committing to a Spartan race, a Tough Mudder, a DEKA event, or any other Unbreakable event in 2024. Consider this is your official plan of attack.

If you’re a first-time racer, this program will guide you to building the base of endurance, strength, power, and agility needed to overcome obstacles and get to that finish line. And if you’re an existing racer looking to improve your finishing times, our coaches have included a few tips to push you a little harder, which will translate on race day. 

How the 30-Day Unbreakable Training Program Works

The Official 30-Day Unbreakable Training program is simple, effective, and will push you harder as you progress from week to week. 

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When you’re training for any Unbreakable event, you want a mix of cardio workouts each week, in addition to strength training. Within this program, each week’s structure will be three to four days of cross training, which includes strength and conditioning, endurance, athleticism, speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ), along with three days of cardio that consist of one day of recovery-type cardio, one day of long, slow-distance (LSD) cardio, and one or two days of speed work/compromised running.

Meet Your Unbreakable Coaching Team

Joe Bala

A Spartan Coach that will provide an Obstacle Race Training Plan for Spartan, Tough Mudder

Spartan Coach Joe Bala is the founder/owner of Joe Bala Fitness. He is the Program Director of the DEKA Bay Area Program at CrossFit of Fremont, and is a co-founder of Bay Area OCR. Bala holds a master’s degree in exercise science and kinesiology, and he is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Spartan SGX Coach L2, a Spartan Obstacle Specialist Instructor, a DEKA Coach, a Ninja Warrior, a mental health warrior, a former engineer, a husband, and even a father of one. Learn more about Coach Joe here.

Yeniz Parton

A Spartan Coach that will provide an Obstacle Race Training Plan for Spartan, Tough Mudder

Coach Yeniz Parton has been a personal trainer and a fitness coach for over 20 years. She’s the owner of I-F.I.T. Ideal Functional Integrative Training, an obstacle- and DEKA-affiliated facility. She’s also the mother of two boys. Learn more about Coach Yeniz here.

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Christian Bizzotto

Christian Bizzotto, a coach based out of Miami, Florida, runs an online, one-on-one coaching program where he uses his proven system to help athletes achieve their podium goals. He holds a Spartan SGX L1 and L2 certificate and is the owner of Focused Movement Academy, Miami’s first and only OCR-dedicated facility. Learn more about Coach Christian here.

Olga Torres

A Spartan Coach that will provide an Obstacle Race Training Plan for Spartan, Tough Mudder

Coach Olga Torres received her first fitness instructor certification in 2017 and never looked back. She’s an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, a Spartan SGX and DEKA Coach, a Spartan Obstacle Specialist, and she is also the founder and owner of Strive Fitness. Learn more about Coach Olga here.

Program Directions:

  1. Commit to any Unbreakable event in 2024.
  1. Complete the program as prescribed for a month.
  1. Move on to the “Don’t Quit,” phase of the Unbreakable Training program. (This additional 30 days of the program will help you continue to build on your gains.)
  1. Post your progress to Instagram with the hashtag #SpartanRace.

Program Key:

s or sec = Seconds

min = Minutes

m = Meters

ea = Each

lb = Pounds

kg = Kilograms

BW = Bodyweight

DB = Dumbbell

KB = Kettlebell

SB = Slam ball

MB = Medicine ball

ISO = Isometric

SB = Sandbag

DU = Double Unders

SU = Single Unders

DL = Deadlift

SLDHP = Single-Leg Deadlift High Pull

SDLHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull

CRE = Cardio Respiratory Endurance

SAQ = Speed, Agility, and Quickness

LSD = Long, Slow, Distance Cardio

FT = For Time

ABHR = Aerobic Base Heart Rate (180-age = ABHR)

EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute

LISS = Low-Intensity Steady State

Timing and Training Structure:

Warm-Up: 5-10 min 

Workout: 30-40 min

Cooldown: 5-10 min (Perform this at the end of day: mobility, stretching, breath work, meditation, and/or journaling.)

Standard Warm-Ups and Cooldowns

Warm-Up for Cross Training Workouts 

  • Run in Place x30s
  • Heel to Toe Rocks x10
  • Ankle Rotations x5 each direction, each side
  • Calf Raises x10
  • Hip Hinge x6
  • Dynamic Quad Stretch x6 each side
  • Leg Swings Side-to-Side x6 each side
  • Leg Cradle x6 each side
  • Side Lunge x6 each side
  • BW Deep Squat x6
  • World's Greatest Stretch x6 each side
  • Shoulder Corkscrew x6 each side
  • Y, T, W, L x6
  • Neck Stretch (30 sec)
  • Wrist Mobility
  • Body Taps: Shoulders, hips, knees, ankles (3 rounds)

Warm-Up for CRE/Conditioning Workouts

  • 10-min full-body stretching, jogging, walking, etc.

Cooldown (end of the day)

  • 5-10 min of mobility, breath work, meditation, and/or journaling

The 30-Day Unbreakable Training Program Workouts

A Spartan Coach that will provide an Obstacle Race Training Plan for Spartan, Tough Mudder

WEEK 1 With Coach Olga Torres

Day 1: Cross Training

WORKOUT: 35-min full body

SAQ Ladder: 3 rounds

    1. In, in, out, out
    2. Lat in, in, out, out
    3. Scissors
    3 rounds; 30s on/30s off
    1. Rear-loaded bear
    2. Air Squats
    3. Bodyweight/Resistance Band Overhead Press
    4. Rest 1 min
    5. Bear ISO Hold
    6. Wall Sit
    7. Low Plank
    8. Rest 1 min
    9. Bear Callouts
    10. Hip Hinge
    11. Side Plank

      Day 2: CRE/Conditioning 


      • Beginner: 1-min walk/1-min run for 30 min
      • Intermediate: 1-min tempo/1-min jog/walk (can be adapted to ski erg, bike, or rower)

      Day 3: Cross Training

      WORKOUT: 35-min full-body

      SAQ Ladder: 3 rounds each

      1. Hop Scotch
      2. Hip Switch
      3. Snake
      3 rounds: 30s on/30s off
      1. Pendulum Lunge
      2. Lateral Ape
      3. Rest 1 min
      4. Alt Hand-Staggered Push-Up
      5. Crab Toe Touch
      6. Superman Hold
      7. Rest 1 min
      8. Jump Squats
      9. Side-Lying Tricep Press
      10. Lemon Squeezers

      Day 4: Active Recovery

      • 30-min jog/walk/bike; good stretch

      Day 5: Cross Training

      WORKOUT: 35-min full-body

      SAQ Ladder: 3 rounds each

      1. Cross in Front
      2. Cross Behind
      3. Two-Step
      3 rounds: 30s on/30s off
      1. Bear Toe Touches
      2. MB Lateral Steps
      3. Max Dead Hang
      4. Rest 1 min
      5. Eccentric Pull-Ups
      6. Burpees
      7. BW/Resistance Band Wood Chop
      8. Rest 1 min
      9. Alligator/Spiderman Crawl
      10. Farmer Carry
      11. Speed Skaters

      Day 6: LSD Cardio

      Perform your cardio of choice (running, ski erg, bike, rower) at a conversational pace for 40-45 min.

      Day 7: Active Recovery

      Perform stretching, yoga, 3 rounds of 10-min guided breathing, and do a cold plunge or take a cold shower for 3 min.